Pyjama Week


Monday 24th of July - Sunday 30th of July 2017

Students will be encouraged to wear their pyjamas or clothes to their Swimming Lessons during Pyjama week. Swimming in pyjamas/clothes is an important component of the YMCA swimming Program and we encourage our students to get their Pyjamas on and learn from the experience. 

The National Drowning Report stated that 81% of Drowning Deaths in 0-4 year olds occurred due to falls into the water. Our aim is to educate children about the difference we feel when wearing clothes in the water. We aim to provide this education to our students regularly throughout the year.  Students will experience swimming in clothes in a safe and controlled environment with support from their teacher.  Students will learn how to return to the edge of the pool safely, float, tread water or safely remove their clothes if necessary.  

Throughout the week, students will also have the opportunity to participate in activities such as:       

Open water scenarios          

Lifejackets and boat safety           

Aquatic rescues         

Personal survival skills