Swimming Lessons

Knox Swimming Lessons, delivered by the YMCA, will help your child develop healthy habits and safe water practices they will carry for life. 

Swimming strokes such as freestyle and backstroke are an important part of swimming. However it is vital that children learn personal survival skills that are able to improve safety, not only at the pool but also in other waterways such as rivers, lakes and the ocean. With Knox Swimming Lessons we challenge students to participate in simulated open water conditions and then to think for themselves about how to transfer these skills to other situations. 

Knox Swimming Lessons students will also enjoy:

• Regular communication and feedback through the Swim Desk parent portal

• Nationally accredited teachers

• Lessons available 7 days per week

• Unlimited access to all indoor and outdoor pools outside of your lesson

• 33 week level progression guarantee

• Make-up lessons for when you miss a lesson

• Multi-child discount options available

• Certificate at the completion of each level

$37.30 per fortnight 
Discounts - 2nd child receives 5% discount

Enrol into Knox Swimming Lessons

Follow these three steps to complete your child's enrolment:

Step 1: Complete the form below, selecting the level that you beleive is most suited to your child's current swimming ability (as per Swimming Lesson progression chart).

Step 2: You will be contacted within 48 hours (Monday to Friday) regarding this enrolment.

Step 3: Come into the centre to finalise your child's enrolment and provide payment details.

Please ensure you provide your correct phone number and email address below. 

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