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Your 12 Week Challenge

Our revolutionary program is your chance to make the change you’ve always wanted!

24/7 Fitness at Knox

24/7 Fitness at Knox Leisureworks is coming on Monday 17th December 2018! Find out all about our move to 24/7 member access!


With the latest equipment, dedicated rooms, and qualified staff to assist, our gym will do wonders for your workout.

Personal Training

Fast track your goals and train at your maximum potential

Group Fitness

Group fitness classes are a fun and interactive way to get fit, healthy and motivated. Choose from our extensive range of land-based, aquatic and virtual classes to find the perfect option for you!

Youth Yoga Program

Find out more about our youth yoga program


Build strength, improve fitness, burn fat and break through barriers with our Adrenaline sessions

Mind & Body

Explore the world of Mindfulness and learn about Yoga or Tai Chi at Knox Leisureworks

Exercises for older adults

It is never too late to be fit and healthy. In fact as we get older, physical exercise becomes increasingly important for a range of health reasons.


Our childcare centre provides members and casual visitors with fully qualified crèche and occasional care.​

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