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Find your answers to the most commonly asked questions about our move to 24/7 Fitness.

We've compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions about our move to 24/7 to help answer any of your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why has Knox Leisureworks introduced 24/7 access to its health club?

Over the past few years the demand for 24/7 access from members has increased, reflecting a society that is leading busier lifestyles with greater demands on their time. Providing 24 hour access to a safe and secure environment will ensure our members can exercise at a time that suits them. The YMCA’s mission is to help people become healthier and happier, and it is important that we continue to improve accessibility to our facilities and provide options to suit all lifestyles.

How will I gain 24/7 access to the health club?

Members wishing to use the health club outside of regular staffed hours will be required to complete a 24/7 access induction, either by booking a one-on-one induction at reception or completing it online through the Knox Leisureworks website. Upon completion of the induction, you will be provided with a wristband that you tap on the scanner at the main entrance to open the doors outside of regular opening hours.

Which memberships include the ability to gain 24/7 access?

24/7 access can be gained on Platinum and Gym and Fitness memberships, including concession and family memberships. 24/7 access is not available on Aquatic Memberships, Active Adults memberships or Teen Trainer memberships.

What facilities will I have access to outside of regular staffed hours?

The facilities available include the gym, group fitness room (for virtual group fitness classes) and change rooms.

Can the pools be used 24/7?

No, the pools cannot be used outside of staffed hours. There will be no changes to the opening times for the pools. The doors to the pool hall will be locked as per the regular closing times to prevent access to the pools.

What safety measures are in place for members using the facilities during non-staffed hours?

A state of the art security surveillance system is in place with round-the-clock monitoring by our security company.

  • Three duress buttons are provided (in the health club, group fitness room and between the male and female change rooms) that dial direct to 000
  • Mobile duress buttons are available to be worn while working out or using the change rooms.
  • A first aid station, including a defibrillator, is provided in the gym.
  • Improved lighting has been installed at the main entrance.
  • The member induction process for 24/7 access ensures members understand and agree to comply with safety requirements and emergency procedures.
Will the introduction of 24/7 access increase my membership fees, or is there an additional cost?

There will be no increases to membership prices related to 24/7 health club access. The only additional cost for members that wish to gain 24/7 access is for the wristband ($15).

Will there be any staff working outside of the current opening hours?

No. As is the case with other 24/7 health clubs, the centre will not be staffed outside of the regular opening hours.

Will virtual group fitness be available to use?

Yes. Outside of programmed class times, an ‘on-demand’ touchscreen will enable members to select a Les Mills group fitness class of their choice.

What if I don’t want 24/7 access?

You don’t need to do anything. Just continue using your membership within the regular opening hours.

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