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It is never too late to be fit and healthy. In fact as we get older, physical exercise becomes increasingly important for a range of health reasons.

It is important to maintain a degree of physical exercise and fitness as we age. As we get older our bone density declines, our muscle strength deteriorates, and a lack of physical exercise exacerbates this. A lack of exercise can also lead to increased weight, which as an older adult puts you at a higher risk of illnesses and diseases such as diabetes and heart problems. Exercise is also an important means of maintaining social connectedness and can help to maintain mental and social wellbeing.

Knox Leisureworks runs a range of programs and exercise options available for older adults that are specifically designed for the needs of those over the age of 50. From our popular Living Longer Living Stronger sessions, to our Active Adults' membership and social lounge area, you can be sure that we have a vast array of options to suit your needs. 

Why is exercise for older adults important?

Get your strength up

Strength training is a great form of exercise which will build muscle and increase flexibility. It also increases bone density which helps reduce the risk of fractures and breaks. Ask the health professional at the centre for some information on the types of strength training exercises that would be suitable for you to undertake.

Socialise it

Make exercise a social activity. Get some of your friends together, or make some new friends at a group exercise class. Knox Leisureworks runs an Active Adults program which is for older adults and includes activities such as aquatic exercise, yoga, strength training and more! These activities often offer complimentary coffee and tea after class so that participants have the chance to socialise as well as exercise.

Run the water

Water-based activities are low impact which means it is easier on the joints. It is a form of resistance-training exercise, so it helps to build muscle. You aren’t limited to just swimming laps – you can walk or run in water, or try an aqua aerobics class.

Make a routine

Incorporate exercise into your weekly routine. For example take a group class on the same day every week. This will help keep you motivated and committed, and by attending weekly you might develop some new friendships.

Strengthen and lengthen

Retaining physical fitness when you are an older adult will help strengthen bone density and muscle. It can reduce the risk of sudden heart attack, stroke and other illnesses such as diabetes. Physical exercise also generates and maintains a social connection to your community. It can improve sleep and increase energy levels; all of which can help increase mental and emotional health. There are many programs and classes out there to try, which are specifically targeted at older adults.

What's available at Knox Leisureworks

Active Adults

Knox Leisureworks Active Adults membership is specifically designed to support people over 50 build fitness and strength, reduce weight gain, improve bone density, boost circulation and reduce the risk of illness or disease.

Members receive access to a wide range of age-specific classes, including Aquatic & Land based, as well as unlimited access to all pools. Members also receive access to our social lounge area which provides free tea & coffee and a chance to meet other members. 

For more information on our memberships, please click here.

Living Longer Living Stronger

Living Longer Living Stronger (LLLS) is a gym-based exercise and strength program that aims to provide an enjoyable, friendly and social environment for people aged 50+ to exercise with others who have similar needs and goals. Our LLLS sessions run several times per week, offering flexible options for you to enjoy a group based gym workout. Tea and coffee facilities are also provided (please bring your own mug!).

All participants of the LLLS program must have a health planning session with one of our health club instructors prior to beginning LLLS sessions to ensure safety and specificity of exercise routines.  

Cost: $8.50 per session

Health Planning Session: $47.40

Available Times:

12:30pm - 2:30pm10:30am - 11:30am11:30am - 12:30pm
Next Step

Knox Community Health Service (KCHS), Knox Leisureworks (KLW), Knox Division of General Practitioners (KDGP) and the Angliss Hospital have worked together to develop a "community based" exercise group in a friendly and relaxed environment for participants who have completed the Angliss or Wantirna Health Phase 2 program. It aims to provide a continuation of the health benefits received by participants of the Phase 2 program in a community setting. 

Next Step runs every Friday from 11:30am-12:30pm and is $8.50 per casual entry. 

Waves Program

The Waves program provides exercise classes in warm water pools for people with arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions. The purpose of the program is to promote general fitness through aerobic exercises and physical function through strength and flexibility exercises. 

The Waves Program runs every Monday and Friday throughout the year (including over the school holidays). 

The cost per session is $10.50 (member) or $11.00 (non-member) per participant , however you are also able to purchase a 10 visit pass  with a 6 month expiry.

Participants are asked to complete a pre-screening exercise form prior to entering a class. These forms are available from customer service and can be returned to the class instructor upon completion. 

Group Fitness

Knox Leisureworks offers casual and member access to a wide range of group fitness classes that are specifically designed for those over the age of 50. Ranging from aquatic, gentle warm water pool sessions to land based group classes, these sessions are designed to focus on specific needs such as strength, balance, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.

For further information and to download our timetables, please click here.

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