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With the latest equipment, dedicated rooms, and qualified staff to assist, our gym will do wonders for your workout.

Whether you’re just kicking off your exercise plan or maintaining an already high level of fitness, our friendly staff will keep you motivated and on track.

We work hard to make sure all users feel comfortable and safe.  We have a large range and number of machines to keep you working, not waiting.

Jump on a bike, step onto a treadmill or limber up in the stretching station. You’re spoilt for choice at Knox Leisureworks.

Some of our services include - 

  • Modern, top-of-the-range electronic cardio equipment
  • Large range of pin-loaded, free weight and boxing equipment
  • Fully qualified personal trainers
  • FitDesk computer-based system that you can access from home and use to communicate directly with your instructor and track your progress
  • Tailored fitness programs based on your needs and history
  • Modern sound system and plasma screens
  • Fully air conditioned
  • Child-minding available

Complete member support

Our commitment to your goals

All members at Knox Leisureworks receive full and ongoing support from our team - including tailored personal exercise programs based on your goals and exercise history, plus regular check in's to make sure you're reaching those goals!

We'd like to work together with you to make sure you achieve your health & fitness goals.

Your suite of support sessions will include:

  • Health Planning Session
  • Exercise Demonstration
  • Re-Assessment
  • Check-In's
  • Ongoing gym floor supervision

Working Together

Track your progress

Members at Knox Leisureworks can log in online both at the centre or at home to track their progress, log workouts, check out their exercise program and communicate with their trainers.

By tracking workouts, you can build an effective routine and see your improvements over time. Keep motivated by watching your free-weights increase or your waist line drop.

You can also track cardiovascular and resistance components of your health and fitness journey to receive bonus rewards for reaching milestones.

Log your gym, swim or group fitness class today to start building points and your routine!

Our trainers

All of our trainers at Knox Leisureworks are the best in the business - industry recognised, fully qualified and ready to help you achieve your goals.

As a minimum requirement, all of our staff maintain a range of qualifications, including accreditation with a national fitness body at all times.


Gym Features


Our Health Club offers 33 modern pieces of equipment to help you build your cardiovascular fitness.

Our range includes:

  • Treadmills
  • X-Trainers
  • Stair Machine
  • Upright Bikes
  • Recumbent Bikes
  • Spin Bikes
  • Rowing Ergometers
  • Arm Cycle Ergometer

Upright Cycles

Resistance Equipment & Functional Training

The Health Club is home to a wide variety of resistance based exercise equipment, as well as a functional training zone.  All of your strength and power based needs under one roof.

Our range includes:

  • Full range of dumbbells (0.5kg - 40kg)
  • Complete range of kettlebells, barbell's & weight plates
  • Extensive range of pin-loaded resistance machines
  • Functional training equipment (Battle Ropes, Power Bags, Dead balls etc)
  • Boxing equipment (includes stationary floor mounted punch bag)

DB Shoulder Press

Stretching Zone

Our dedicated stretch area features a range of yoga mats, swiss-ball's, foam rollers and balance equipment to help you warm up, cool down or work on your stability and flexibility.

Lockers & Changerooms

Locker facilities are available for use within the Health Club and are free for members. Subject to availability.

Change rooms are conveniently located close to the Health Club and include shower facilities. Please speak with reception for more information.

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