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Our revolutionary program is your chance to make the change you’ve always wanted!

Introducing your 12 Week Challenge – a revolutionary program designed specifically for you to smash your fitness goals and stay motivated. We’ve put together a specialized team of fitness and diet experts that will work with you one on one to make sure you set yourself up for success! 

 The 12 Week Challenge is your challenge, designed to deliver results for you based on your routine and your pace.

No online coaches or generalised diet plans – this one’s all about you.

Registrations are now open for the 12 Week Challenge and close 21/12/18 - register today!

Is the 12 Week Challenge for me?

What is the 12 Week Challenge?

The Knox Leisureworks 12 Week Challenge is  designed specifically to deliver you results based on your goals. Participants who register will be able to complete a flexible 12 Week program that combines the most important aspects of a weight loss / transformation program. These include:

  • A planned exercise routine featuring a progressive exercise program to complete
  • Ensuring that you’re maximising each workout by training to your full potential
  • A personalised nutrition plan, based on you, your current diet and eating behaviours

 Our 12 Week Challenge combines these together to deliver the results that you want, keep you motivated and teach you the skills to keep a healthy lifestyle!

It's flexible?

We know that people go on holidays, get sick or need a few day’s here or there to recharge! 

The 12 Week Challenge is designed to be flexible – if you need a few days off here or there you can organise this with your trainer! Going on holidays? We can suspend your challenge for a few weeks until you get back, ready to go! Plus we can write you a take-away program to do whilst you’re on holiday to keep up the momentum!

The 12 Week Challenge is designed to help people to succeed, no matter their schedule! 

Who can do the 12 Week Challenge?

The Challenge is available for anyone! It’s specific to each person so anybody from beginner to advanced are able to enjoy it! 

Your 12 Week Challenge includes

One on One sessions with a qualified Dietitian

Assess your current nutritional status and learn the skills to help plan your 12 week challenge period. You’ll sit down with a qualified dietitian to discuss your food behaviours and habits to see what’s working and where you can improve. Track your progress and see the results of your improved diet in regular consultations included within the challenge.

One on One sessions with a qualified Personal Trainer

Maximise your training potential with one of our amazing personal trainers. You’ll be training with them each week at a time that suits you best – train at your preferred time and get the most out of every workout. Perfect your technique and learn how to push your limits, discover your ability to reach your fitness goals sooner.

Personal 12 Week Plan including diet plan and training program

Once you’ve booked in for your 12 Week Challenge, you’ll sit down with one of our trainers to plan out your next 12 weeks! You’ll schedule workouts, plan training times and look forward to enjoying a program that suits your lifestyle. Enjoy your personalised workout program or a scheduled group fitness session and track your results through MyZone technology.

When does it start?

The 12 Week Challenge is ready for you and can start once you've registered!  Registrations are now OPEN!

Mot Knox 12 Week Challange 2018 Fb

Registrations are now OPEN and close 21/12/18.  



Click here to get started today on YOUR 12 WEEK CHALLENGE! 

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