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24/7 Fitness coming soon at Knox Leisureworks

June 1, 2018

2/7 Fitness coming soon to Knox Leisureworks

The Knox community is the big winner with the Knox Leisureworks gym announcing a move to 24/7 access!

Our centre, which is already open seven days a week, is among the first YMCA Victoria managed gyms to undergo refitting for conversion to the 24 hour format.

The 24 hour model has now become normal to the majority of gym users. Having flexible choices is now a way of life, especially for time-poor people, so we are getting on board too and offering more flexibility to our members.

As part of our move to 24 hours, the Knox Leisureworks gym has undergone a comprehensive risk assessment and members will be provided with individual access cards that include safety measures for times that the gym is unstaffed.

At the YMCA we aim to help people become healthier and happier so removing barriers to entry and providing options that suit all lifestyles is important.

For more information, click here.

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